Every Soul Has a Song


Every soul has a song. And in every way, the launch of In Depth with Konyka Dunson and this website, not only sings my song, but I hope will resonate with the lives, the hopes, the challenges, and the songs of people across the globe.


In Depth with Konyka Dunson is a television program that connects audiences with the best in humankind - our ability to understand each other, to transform that which perplexes us, and to find common ground.  On the program, my mission is to shine a light on people who amplify what is most profound, most peaceful, most inspiring, and most beautiful in our world.

Trailblazer for Peace: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Betty Williams

Konyka talks with Betty Williams, who won the Nobel Peace Prize with Mairead Corrigan in 1976, about the day her courageous stand against an act of violence sparked an outpouring of thousands of women that paved the way for the movement for peace in Northern Ireland.


MOST TV--Who's the Strongest Man?--Featuring Rocky McIntosh

konyka and rocky.gif

I am pleased to present  another powerful episode of MOST TV! In this episode--Who's the Strongest Man?--the MOST TV crew explores what it means to be a strong man. In the spotlight feature, Rocky McIntosh of the Washington Redskins talks about his path to the NFL and the strong influences in his life.


MOST TV is a program of Men Can Stop Rape, a nationally recognized leader in violence prevention, produced by Konyka Dunson, where young men of Washington, DC’s MOST Clubs (Men of Strength Clubs) challenge stereotypes and explore new ways of thinking about ending violence, especially violence against women. Now airing!

NO! In ALL 50 States

Join the The NO! In ALL 50 States Campaign and bring the message to all 50 states that we can end violence against women. Organize a screening of No! The Rape Documetary, the groundbreaking film by Aishah Shahidah Simmons, in your area. Seen around the world, NO! The Rape Documentary is a powerful tool for breaking the silences around rape, a catalyst for healing, and a call for making change. Every screening results in heightened awareness and new commitments from women and men to do what they can to end the violence. Contact us for more information. 
If you were President, what would you do to promote peace?