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Soldier's of Peace
The Good News is Peace is Breaking Out!

Soldiers of Peace, narrated by famed actor and United Nations Messenger for Peace Michael Douglas, gives us an uplifting look at the current geopolitical state of the world: contrary to popular belief, there are actually less armed conflicts in the world today and less people dying of violent deaths than ever before.

There is a genuine wave occurring in all corners of the world right now, showing us that peace is not a utopia, but rather at arm's length. Through numerous and beautiful examples, the documentary illustrates the many ways in which people and communities are making a positive change. Featuring Sir Richard Branson, Prince Hassan of Jordan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Bob Geldof, Hans Blix and the "Soldiers of Peace"in Colombia, Ireland, England, Liberia, Nigeria, USA, and Kenya.

Price: $19.95

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In Depth with Konyka Dunson: Thriving Beyond Cancer
The Power of Nutrition with Dr. Daemon Jones

In this episode, Konyka talks with Dr. Daemon Jones, a naturopathic physician, about using the healing powers of food to thrive beyond cancer. The program provides clear answers to the questions: What is cancer? Which lifestyle choices support the body's health during cancer? The program offers in depth explanations of the health benefits eight food groups and their impact on the body during cancer. This DVD is a valuable resource for anyone impacted by cancer in need of empowering information on nutrition, cancer and general health. (The information in this program is for informational purposes only and does not replace medical advice.) 33 Minutes.

Price: $12.95