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Monday, 17 May 2010 00:00

Image_SM_Konyka&Nantz.pngEvery soul has a song. And in every way, the launch of In Depth with Konyka Dunson and this website, not only sings my song, but I hope will resonate with the lives, the hopes, the challenges, and songs of people across the globe. In Depth with Konyka Dunson is a television program that connects audiences with the best in humankind - our ability to understand each other, to transform that which perplexes us, and to find common ground.  On the program, my mission is to shine a light on people who amplify what is most profound, most peaceful, most inspiring, and most beautiful in our world.


When I met Aishah Shahidah Simmons, I knew I met such a person. I was inspired by the force and clarity of her conviction. Aishah Shahidah Simmons is the director of NO! The Rape Documentary and after hearing her speak, I was profoundly moved with the idea that we can end rape. Violence against women does not have to be a perpetual problem that never ends. In NO! The Rape Documentary, Aishah takes a historical approach, exploring the violence against African-Americans in our country, during the brutal periods where lynching was a frequent tactic, and connects that violence to rape suffered by women. The point is—slavery ended. Lynching ended. Rape can and will end—when women and men commit to fully eradicating it.


I invite you to watch my interview with Aishah Shahidah Simmons and to tell as many people as you know. Because of the film, I made a commitment to bring NO! The Rape Documentary to all 50 states. The film is a powerful catalyst for conversation and change. If you would like to host a screening, please contact me.   


In launching In Depth with Konyka Dunson, this website, and all the good I hope will come from it, I am indebted and deeply grateful to two organizations. First, I gained my introduction to television at the Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia (DCTV). In 2008, the Alliance for Community Media, an organization that represents all of the public access television stations in the country, honored me with the award for Best Entertainment Talk Show. Above, I am pictured with Nantz Rickard, the Executive Director of DCTV.  DCTV is an invaluable resource for allowing community members to express their voices. Secondly, I am profoundly grateful to the District of Columbia's Commission on the Arts and Humanities for granting me funding to develop this website. Through their support, which is a testimony to their commitment to artists in Washington, DC, I am able to bring my art--the art of peaceful and profound communication--to a worldwide audience. Their support deepens my commitment to create truly excellent programming.  


To remind me of that mission, I named my production company, which produces In Depth with Konyka Dunson, Soul Song Communications. The name, “Soul Song,” comes from cultural folklore that says “every soul has a song.” This song is present even before a child is born. When the child is born, he hears the song. When she goes off to school, she hears the song. When he marries, he hears the song. When she finds her passion, she hears the song. If we ever diverge from who we really are, others will sing our song for us.


I believe that our collective lives together have a song. It may be love, laughter, healing, and it most certainly can be found through meaningful conversation. This month the focus is a conversation about ending violence against women. Future programs will explore peace initiatives by amazing leaders,  tackle health issues, and highlight artists who will surely make you smile.  I invite you to tune in, sign up for updates, share your program ideas with me, and spread the word to everyone you know. On In Depth with Konyka Dunson every program aims to bring forth powerful conversation and I hope will sing someone's soul song.


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written by wcc, May 27, 2009
love the beauty of both style and substance on this site. bravo to the music konyka!

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