Every Soul Has A Song E-mail
I created In Depth with Konyka Dunson to be a television program that connects audiences with the best in humankind - our ability to understand each other, to transform that which perplexes us, and to find common ground. 

The program takes conversation seriously, moving beyond the superficial and the controversial. People connect in amazing ways everyday, through art, social action, and music. On the program, I interview inspiring people who through their lives and their work inspire the best within us.

In 2007, I taped the inaugural episode of In Depth with Konyka Dunson, which explored the idea of following one's creative path in life. Future programs will explore a range of topics from personal inspiration, to powerful ideas, to issues that are on the pulse of what is most exciting and challenging in our world.

Soul Song Communications is the company I created that produces In Depth with Konyka Dunson. Cultural folklore says, every soul has a song. This song is present even before a child is born. When the child is born, he hears the song. When she goes off to school, she hears the song. When he marries, he hears the song. When she finds her passion, she hears the song. If we ever diverge from who we really are, others will sing our song for us. 

I chose the name Soul Song Communications to remind me that every human life and our collective lives together have a song. It may be love, laughter, healing, and it most certainly can be found through meaningful conversation. My mission is for In Depth with Konyka Dunson to become a model for transformation through profound communication. In doing so, I hope that every program sings someone's soul song.